About Prestavest Memorial Park Alor Setar

Prestavest Memorial Park is a privately owned memorial park operator since 1996 and currently managing and operating three crematoriums and memorial parks in Taiping, Alor Setar and Kulim. Prestavest Memorial Park Taiping is in operation since 1996 and we are the pioneer company to set up crematorium and memorial park in Northern Peninsular Malaysia. Due to the favourable response from the public and to cater for the population in Northern Peninsular Malaysia, we have started our second crematorium and memorial park in Alor Setar in 2006 known as Prestavest Memorial Park Alor Setar and in Dec 2011, we have started our third one at Sg.Kob, Kulim, known as Prestavest Memorial Park Kulim. Malaysia is a multi cultural society with various races and religions, the crematorium and memorial parks are built to cater for this needs; Buddhists, Taoists, Christians, Hindu and Sikh.

Since operation in 1996, we are proud to declare that we have been providing comfort and quality service to all our customers in their time of needs. The shock of losing a loved one and the grief makes it impossible to carry on with any tasks of arranging the funeral and burial services to obtaining documentation from various government departments. Realizing that many of us are not prepare in this unfortunate situation, we at Prestavest undertakes this arrangement that will ease the burden from you. We undertake to provide professional assistance, advice on the customary practices on rites and ritual, putting up of banners, arrangement of flowers, preparation of collection box, food and coffin selection. We have showroom displaying all these items at Taiping.

All our Memorial Parks are located on freehold land that has been gazetted as cemetery land by the respective state government of Perak and Kedah. We appointed a Public Trustee to oversee, audit the administration and maintenance of the park. Hence you can rest assured that the columbarium and memorial parks will be maintained as a cemetery land perpetuall and in a good manner.

We are a corporate member of the International Cemetery, Cremation And Funeral Association (ICCFA) with a registered address in Virginia, United States of America and the Australasian Cemeteries & Crematoria Association (ACCA) in Australia. Our Board Member, Dato Yong Chai Seng is graduates from ICCFA University, with certification as Crematory Operator, Crematory Administrator and Crematory Counselor. He is also graduated from College of Sales & Marketing, College of Funeral Home Management, College of Land Management & Ground Management and College of Cremation Services under the ICCFA University accreditation.

Prestavest Memorial Park Taiping has been issued with the ISO 9001:2008 certification for Quality Management System by BM Trada and the UKAS accreditation. We are among the first memorial park in Malaysia to obtain this ISO 9001:2008 certification.




我们是美国维吉尼亚州[国际殓殡葬祭协会] (International Cemetery, Cremation and Funeral Association 简称 ICCFA) 及澳洲 [澳亚殡葬协会](Australasian Cemeteries & Crematoria Association 简称 ACCA) 的会员。而身为董事局成员的拿督杨才成,是毕业自ICCFA大学,资历受鉴定合格的火葬场营运员 (Crematory Operator),火葬场行政员 (Crematory Administrator) 及火葬场咨询员 (Crematory Counselor)。此外,他亦先后在该大学指定的销售与市场学院,殡仪馆管理学院,产业与土地管理学院及火葬服务学院完成学业。

太平山庄获得了ISO 9001:2008品质管理系统认证,也是马来西亚首间获得ISO 9001:2008 的风景墓园。

Why us?

Prestavest Memorial Park had 19-years of history. Funeral culture is more professional then others. Prestavest Memorial Park are now in Alor Setar and Kulim too.


Planning the design and fully equipped. Freehold. Quiet, elegant, traditional to and advance design to promote Chinese traditional. Neat and elegant Feng Shui blessed. A permanent and comprehensive care. Has a Strict security service. Life maintenance fees.