Alor Setar (亚罗士打)
Sheng Ji

When we mentioned cemetery, we naturally think of land that buried the dead and ashes in the columbarium. In fact, do we know that we can also built a living tomb for a living person to prolong one's life and bring prosperity to the family

What is Sheng Ji? From the word, Sheng is something alive and can grow, Ji is the foundation of structures or roots.

To built Sheng Ji, is when one built a living tomb for themselves or their still living parents where the natural and invisible earth energy flows into one's body to become healthier and live a longer life. To tap energy (Chi) from sky and earth with the aim to achieve longer life, treat sickness, prosperous, career advancement, more children, harmonious relationship between husband and wife and a good and happy family.

Sheng Ji being the foundation of life where it can tap the natural power / energy around us to bring prosperity and health upon ourselves. The practice of Sheng Ji started during the Tang dynasty when it's done by choosing a piece of suitable land, putting living person's hair, finger and toe nail and other personal belonging such as cloth or shoes into an urn. This belonging will absorb the Chi from sky and earth, will then channel this Chi into the living persons to make them healthier, prosperous and thus live longer. This practice is not only beneficial to one self but also benefits generations behind them.

Prestavest Memorial Park Alor Setar is located in Kebun 500 in Pokok Sena about 20 minutes drive from Alor Star town. Since it's operation, "Sheng Ji" has become popular among purchasers due to the above reasons. Not only in Alor Star, all over Malaysia, a lot of people are making Sheng Ji including very famous tycoons and businessman because of the benefit of Sheng Ji.

The basic criteria for making Sheng Ji is to choose a good land. According to feng shui master from Malaysia, Taiwan, Hong Kong who have all visited and agreed that the land in Prestavest Memorial Park Alor Setar is excellent base on it's soil quality, environment and landscape as resting place for the dead or place to make Sheng Ji.

Master Tang Tian Ter from Taiwan - Built Feng Shui using Bague & Taichi principle.

When Master Tang from Taiwan visited and commented that the construction and set up of Prestavest Memorial Park Alor Setar is base on excellent 'Bagua & Taichi' theory which it can bring prosperity, health and more children to the land owner

  • Approved by Kedah State Government for memorial park.
  • All purchases are transferable.
  • Public trustee will be appointed to oversee the trust fund, management and maintenance of park.
  • 24 hours security services for year round visitation.
  • Ample parking space and wide road for visitors.
  • Pek Kong Temple, Nato Kong Temple, 12 statues of Chinese Zodiac and 2 new green engine type of cremator.
  • Certificates for burial land and niches purchase.
  • All trees and plants are well taken care by our team of gardener.
  • Well design and constructed tomb by experience craftsmen.

一提起墓园,人们印象中是埋葬死人或安奉先人骨灰的墓地,其实,您又可知道, 活生生的我们也可在墓园造生基,以延年益寿,增进福禄?

何谓生基?根据字义,生是资长有活力的东西,基是一切建筑物之底部,即地基, 也是根苗之本源。

“生基” 是生命之基本
所谓的做生基,就是活人为自己或犹健在的父母造个生坟,让自然中无形的地灵, 运入人体内达到健康长寿,以天地的精气作为摄生以延年益寿、治病、发财、升官、生男育女、夫妻和好、家庭圆满的效果。






  • 获得吉打州政府批准并且归纳为永久地契的私人墓园。
  • 未使用的福地或骨灰灵位可以转让 。
  • 即将委任公共受托机构负责监督墓园的运作、管理和维修事务。
  • 24小时全天候保安措施。
  • 内部道路宽广,停车位充裕。
  • 安置了大伯公庙、拿督公庙、12生肖塑像;外加2套绿引擎环保火葬系统。
  • 购买土葬福地或火葬骨灰灵位皆持有拥有权证书。
  • 园艺团队将照料墓园内的花草树木,协助维持景观的宁静祥和。
  • 墓碑由资深设计师负责设计与建造。

Why us?

Prestavest Memorial Park had 19-years of history. Funeral culture is more professional then others. Prestavest Memorial Park are now in Alor Setar and Kulim too.


Planning the design and fully equipped. Freehold. Quiet, elegant, traditional to and advance design to promote Chinese traditional. Neat and elegant Feng Shui blessed. A permanent and comprehensive care. Has a Strict security service. Life maintenance fees.