Are we allowed to engage our own contractors for the Feng Shui construction in the Park?

NO. We wish to maintain quality and standard, therefore are especially particular about the high quality of the materials and the expertise of the workman. We are selective of the supplier and workman for the best Feng Shui Construction in order to ensure our customers' satisfaction and to enhance their confidence and trust in our Park.


We would like to purchase a plot in advance and would like to pay by installment. Is that possible?

We welcome, as well as, encourage our customers to purchase in advance, because it can avoid hasty decisions which may lead to discontentment and unnecessary frustrations. In fact, making "Sheng Ji" or "Life Base" is very popular, because people believe that "Life Base" will add prosperity and longevity. Payment in installment can be arranged at our office. (For interment, all outstanding costs will have to be settled).


What is Perpetual Maintenance Fund?
何谓永生维修基金(Perpetual Maintenance Fund)?

This fund is managed by a Public Trustee (approved by Bank Negara). Their function is to oversee and maintain the memorial park perpetually.


Vandalism of the tombstones, photographs and plants is common. How do you prevent such incidence from happening?

In our Park, we provide 24-hours security. The visiting hours are from 7.30am to 7.00pm. Every vehicle entering or leaving is recorded. The guards on duty will be watchful for suspicious characters and take action accordingly. This would ensure the safety of the visitors and property of the Park.


I bought a plot of land and my name was registered in the Certificate. If I intend to migrate, can I sell the plot of land and transfer it to others?

Yes, it is transferable. Visit our office to sign the relevant documents for transfer of ownership for a fee (transfer fee).