Kulim (居林)

A society is a dynamic entity. There are always changes within the society and these changes are usually positive by nature. Therefore the modern society prefer a more modern approach to our afterlife. This is the reason behind the popularity of the cremation process. Prestavest Memorial Park Kulim believes that it is our responsibility in providing such a service to the present day community. To ensure this, we will invest RM 2.5 million in building the crematorium complex.

The complex, which will be completed in June 2012 and commenced operations in mid-July the same year, houses 2 very sophisticated, and environmentally-friendly green engine type of cremators. These cremators abide by all rules and specifications set by the Ministry of Environment and Ministry of Health. We also have specially trained operators to ensure the highest level of efficiency in the operation of the cremation equipment as well as provision of quality services to our valued customers. In addition, security is provided round the clock to ensure the safety of visitors and property of the Park.

The cremation process takes approximately 45 minutes to complete and collection of ash by family members of the deceased can be done the following day. To date, we have received many positive feedbacks from our customers in relation to the cremation service rendered by our operating and management team.

Each cremation process is charged a reasonable fee.

社會是一個動態的實體。在社會總有一些變化,這些變化通常是正面的。因此,現代社會需要一個更具現代化的方法来接触我們的來世。這背後的原因就是火化過程。 太平紀念墓園居林認為,为今天的社會提供這樣的服務是我們的責任。為了確保這一點,我們將投資250萬零吉来建設火葬場。




Why us?

Prestavest Memorial Park had 19-years of history. Funeral culture is more professional then others. Prestavest Memorial Park are now in Alor Setar and Kulim too.


Planning the design and fully equipped. Freehold. Quiet, elegant, traditional to and advance design to promote Chinese traditional. Neat and elegant Feng Shui blessed. A permanent and comprehensive care. Has a Strict security service. Life maintenance fees.