Taiping (太平)
Sheng Ji

When we mentioned cemetery, we naturally think of land that buried the dead and ashes in the columbarium. In fact, do we know that we can also built a living tomb for a living person to prolong one's life and bring prosperity to the family.

What is Sheng Ji? From the word, Sheng is something alive and can grow, Ji is the foundation of structures or roots.

To built Sheng Ji, is when one built a living tomb for themselves or their still living parents where the natural and invisible earth energy flows into one's body to become healthier and live a longer life. To tap energy (Chi) from sky and earth with the aim to achieve longer life, treat sickness, prosperous, career advancement, more children, harmonious relationship between husband and wife and a good and happy family.

Sheng Ji being the foundation of life where it can tap the natural power / energy around us to bring prosperity and health upon ourselves. The practice of Sheng Ji started during the Tang dynasty when it's done by choosing a piece of suitable land, putting living person's hair, finger and toe nail and other personal belonging such as cloth or shoes into an urn. This belonging will absorb the 'Chi' from sky and earth, will then channel this Chi into the living persons to make them healthier, prosperous and thus live longer. This practice is not only beneficial to one self but also benefits generations behind them.


何谓生基?根据字义,生是资长有活力的东西,基是一切建筑物之底部,即地基, 也是根苗之本源。

“生基” 是生命之基本



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