Funeral Hall & Funeral Service

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Funeral Hall & Funeral Service

Funeral Hall Service for Taiping Only

Driven by the Group’s growing customer base, Prestavest Comfort Services (“PCS”) was established in Taiping to cater to customers who require an end-to-end service. PCS can assist with the following services:


-Burial/cremation permit arrangement

-Funeral hall/parlour rental

-Choice of casket/urn and hearse

-Wake organisation (3 days or 5 days) including food and beverage, photo frames, bus for the funeral procession, and RELA workers.


In our Kulim and Alor Setar branches, we have close working relationships with all local funeral parlours and undertakers.

Regardless of whether you choose Prestavest Comfort Services, our service personnel will attend the wake to assist the bereaved in attending to family and friends as a value-added service provided by our Group.


For funeral hall service, we have three halls located in our Taiping site for customers who are unable to hold the wake/service at home.