Burial / Niche Placement

The urn/casket will be entombed in the plot/niche chosen. Our colleagues in the Site and Service team will be in attendance to ensure that all operations go smoothly.


As long as the necessary licenses and permits are arranged, and regardless of whether the ashes are interred within our parks or otherwise, our crematorium staff at all 3 branches are able to assist you…

Erection of tombstone and Xia Toh ceremony

The erection of the tombstone or niche cover (“slab”) is usually done on an auspicious day, together with a short prayer ceremony with incense, fruits, local delicacies and the deceased’s favourite dish for the deceased to rest in peace.

Funeral Hall & Funeral Service

(Funeral Hall Service for Taiping Only)

Driven by the Group’s growing customer base, Prestavest Comfort Services (“PCS”) was established in Taiping to cater to customers who require an end-to-end service…

Por Tor

The seventh lunar month is also known as the “Hungry Ghost month” when the veils between the worlds of the living and the dead are at their thinnest, and spirits roam around…

Qing Ming

(Tomb Sweeping Festival)

This traditional Chinese festival with origins that can be traced back to the Ming dynasty is observed to honour one’s ancestors…

Relocation of remains

Customers who wish to relocate their ancestors previously buried elsewhere should exhume and cremate the body before opting for either an urn burial or niche placement..

Seventh Day Prayers

According to Taoist/Buddhist customs, special prayers will be offered on the seventh day by family members to the deceased’s grave…